Project 365 – Day 328 – Crafting To Help Manage Difficult Emotions

photo by Debbie Walker

An emotional day today as it’s my mums second memorial. Calls from family, messages from friends and even some flowers were sent to me. This all meant a lot to me; it all helps to feel validated in my difficult feelings and it makes me feel cared about. Not all people will understand this need, but we’re all different, and I know that I do. I miss mum terribly and to feel loved or cared about by others goes some way to healing that pain which is a part of my life now. There’s nothing worse (I think) than the loneliness we can feel when in need of connection. So those kind words and thoughtful deeds all helped me today.

Awaiting Results

I also had another follow up appointment following the chest infection I’ve been recovering from. The antibiotics, and the steroids have both been helpful but I still have a tight chest and don’t feel that it’s healed fully. And the fatigue. The fatigue is like nothing I’ve experienced so I need to know what’s going on and if it’s normal. I felt better today, but after my trip to the GP I was again exhausted. Following examination, he sent me for an x-ray which was carried out locally so was a quick procedure. I now have to wait a week for results.

Crafting helps with an emotional evening

This evening my feelings were all over and my mood very low. As the night wore on I decided that I needed to do something to keep my mind occupied. Last year my cousin sent me a ‘felt making’ kit, but I wasn’t able to concentrate to do it then. I’d kept it, as I valued the gift and thoughtfulness he’d shown me. I realised that tonight was the perfect night for using it. I took the box and emptied the contents on my table, I put on some nice music through Alexa and began to make the little robin per the instructions. This took me over three hours to complete, but the time passed and as I was focused on creating, I was able to get through a potentially difficult evening alone, whilst feeling so sad. The robin looks great (even if I say so myself!) and it can become a part of our annual Christmas Decorations. He can resemble the love and kindness of others at a time most needed. Rather appropriate I think.

If you have difficulty with your emotions or mood, if you are struggling with life changing events or if you just need some time out for your own headspace, I’d definitely recommend working on a craft project to help. I have written a longer blog on this in the Focused Friends site that I sometimes write for and you can read it here if you wish. I’ve also created a little video of the the making of the robin which I’ve embedded below – I made this as another creative project which we then used in our Focused Friends Advent Calendar this year.

Video by Debbie Walker

This Daily Post is part of my own 365 Project where I aim to make lifestyle changes every day for a year, using a photo a day that I will take to inspire my focus of change, or to reflect the implementation of that change. An overview of my project is available to read via my home page. Thank you for joining me, and if I inspire you please do ‘like’ my updates and encourage me on my journey. Or, if you have constructive tips to share, please do add a comment.

Could I also ask that if you share any of my ideas / blog content, or photos, that you cite me as the author.

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